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Trust In The Guidance Of A CIO

Have you ever considered a CIO for your team?

The CIO works with your leadership team to develop a technology strategy that helps your company meet or exceed its goals. Additionally, a CIO needs to educate the IT department on how and why to accomplish critical tasks. Many small and medium sized businesses do not have the luxury having a full time CIO on staff.

Endurance IT's virtual or fractional CIO service can help.

We help you understand your technology roadmap and the skillset of your team. We also identify when to use an outside service provider and when to rely on your internal staff. The virtual or fractional CIO service can complement your existing IT staff by bringing broad industry experience to your organization for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CIO, director, manager or coordinator of an IT department.

Other Benefits Of A Fractional CIO:

  • Strategic viewpoint: You gain a single point of contact and a person responsible for designing an information technology strategy and the infrastructure and applications that will meet your business goals.
  • Information resource: A CIO can help to determine the best infrastructure strategy, educate you on how to use social media to grow business and explain how cloud computing may be the right fit.
  • Business Liaison: A CIO explains technology solutions in layman’s terms, which allows both the business and technology teams to understand goals and technology.
  • ROI: A CIO can measure IT expenses, maintain budgets, define ROI (Return on Investment) baselines and help your business decide which technology projects, services or applications will meet your business needs.
  • Experience: You receive an expert team capable of providing a broader spectrum of experience across many technologies – eliminating the need for a staff trained in multiple disciplines.

We'll take care of every detail.

Even if you don't know exactly what you need, our experts make it easy to talk about your project and work out the requirements. We'll quickly help frame it up and add some structure so it can be properly estimated and ultimately developed and delivered.