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Always Be Ready

What would you do if a hurricane, fire, water main break or other natural disaster impacted your critical IT systems? Would your computer network systems come back up or would your business be "in the dark"?

Without a plan in place, many businesses would be crippled after a major disaster. In fact, a study by Meta Group, an investment firm, found 94 percent of companies that suffer a catastrophic loss of data would not survive another two years in business.

Let Endurance IT provide cost-effective disaster recovery and business continuity services before something goes wrong.

Endurance’s Disaster Recovery Services

  • Disaster business impact analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Customized solution based on your needs
  • Scheduled testing of recovery plans
  • Designed to fit your specific budget
  • Use of latest technologies to include Doubletake, VMware, Datacore, XoSoft, Citrix and terminal services

But Backing Up Your Data Is Only Part Of The Equation.

  • What happens if the servers are destroyed or data is inaccessible?
  • What are the costs to your organization while technology is down?
  • How long will it take you to recover?
  • Do you have the skills on hand to rebuild?
  • Do you have a current disaster recovery plan?
  • Have you tested the rebuilt system?

At Endurance IT, we look at your mission critical systems, identify risks and determine impact if disaster occurs. We explore recovery times for each system and develop multiple strategies with risks and costs to align with your budget and risk tolerance.

A sound disaster recovery or business continuity solution must be predictable, testable, documented and communicated. Let Endurance IT consultants guide you through the process and build the best plan for your business.

We'll take care of every detail.

Even if you don't know exactly what you need, our experts make it easy to talk about your project and work out the requirements. We'll quickly help frame it up and add some structure so it can be properly estimated and ultimately developed and delivered.